In 2013, Mind Trekkers partnered with Michigan Tech’s GEAR UP program to create four after-school clubs in local schools (Hancock, L'Anse, Lake Linden, and Calumet). With the support of a major grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, the students spent the year working with college mentors to learn cool hands-on activities. Plus, each school received an allocation of funds to purchase demos and materials to keep in their science classrooms. In May 2014, the high school students took charge - just like our Mind Trekkers roadshow - and hosted an event for area 4th and 5th graders.

Gear Up Video

In the news!

  Big thanks to our local State Farm representatives for presenting the 'big check!' The check ceremony was held at Hancock High School, who formed the first MT after-school club in 2012-13.   Hancock student Shannon telling TV6 about GEAR UP's impact on her and what she'd like to do in the future.
  Lake Linden students, helped by Michigan Tech Mind Trekker Austin, trusting in the science behind why this water balloon won't pop over her head when touched with a match!   Laser/prism kits are just one of the many gifts we hope to give teachers. The students work hard to come up with 'laser puzzles' for people to solve at MT events.
  Students at L'Anse High School diving into snap circuit kits. These guys probably know more about circuits and electricity than we do at this point!   Mind Trekker Dylan helps students at Calumet assemble a set of ten vortex cannons - which they promptly used to launch an air-blast extravaganza in the hallways.